Styr & Ställ+Västtrafik = true


Shared micro mobility in the form of shared bikes and electric scooters is a good complement to public transport. Västtrafik is therefore testing, together with Styr & Ställ, among others, whether a new map service can make it easier for travelers to find the advantages of traveling with public transport and shared micromobility in combination. At certain major public transport stops in Gothenburg and Mölndal, information about Styr & Ställ is also displayed on the real-time signs.


The digital map is available via Vä and the Västtrafik To Go app. It shows all available bikes from Styr & Ställ, electric scooters and Västtrafik stops. There you can also pick up discounts on shared bikes and electric scooters, all to make it easy to combine public transport and shared micro mobility. For example, you can retrieve a code via the map to buy a monthly subscription at Styr & Ställ for 50 SEK instead of 90.


The test with the map lasts for 6 months and is evaluated continuously, but with emphasis on after the test period. You can reach the map by going to "My account" and "Västtrafik testar" in the To Go app.