Changes in Backa


The Styr & Ställ stations in Backa have been a test within the Pilotområde cykel project run by the Urban Environment Department at the City of Gothenburg. The project is now coming to an end, which means changes for the stations in Backa.

The Urban Environment Department has evaluated the stations by looking at, among other things, how well the stations have been used and what the travel patterns to and from the stations look like. Based on this, the following stations will disappear on October 31st:

  • Baron Rogers gata
  • Hjalmar Bergmans gata
  • Folkvisegatan
  • Körkarlens gata

The stations at Selma Lagerlöfs torg and Backa kyrkogata will remain a little longer, until December 31st 2023. During fall these stations will be further evaluated so that a decision can be made whether or not the stations will remain in place in 2024 as well.

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