Styr & Ställ+Västtrafik = true

Shared micro mobility in the form of shared bikes and electric scooters is a good complement to public transport. Västtrafik is therefore testing, together with Styr & Ställ, among others, whether a new map service can make it easier for travelers to find the advantages of traveling with public transport and shared micromobility in combination. At certain major public transport stops in Gothenburg and Mölndal, information about Styr & Ställ is also displayed on the re...


Styr & Ställ remains in Backa

The expansion of Styr & Ställ to Backa has been an activity within the framework of the Pilotområde cykel project run by the City of Gothenburg's urban environment department. The project will also continue in 2024, which means that the stations at Selma Lagerlöfs torg and Backa Kyrkogata will remain until 31 December 2024.


Customer survey – get the results!

Every year we conduct a customer survey to find out what users think of Styr & Ställ. The 2023 survey shows that we have very satisfied users but that there is still some potential for improvement. The survey forms the basis for the development and improvement work of the bike sharing system. It is important for us to get the users views so that we know what we need to work on further. We will now review the result of this year's survey to see how we can make Styr & Ställ ...


Changes in Backa

The Styr & Ställ stations in Backa have been a test within the Pilotområde cykel project run by the Urban Environment Department at the City of Gothenburg. The project is now coming to an end, which means changes for the stations in Backa. The Urban Environment Department has evaluated the stations by looking at, among other things, how well the stations have been used and what the travel patterns to and from the stations look like. Based on this, the following stations will disa...


Take the bike this autumn

Take the bike this autumn   Five good reasons to choose Styr & Ställ!    Enjoy the sun or defy the rain! Here are five great reasons to keep on choosing Styr & Ställ this autumn!   1. The freedom! Styr & Ställ gives you all the benefits of always having a bike available without having to own one. Pick up a bike at your nearest station and drop it off at another one. Which station is closest to you? Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on ...


Customer survey

Everyone who has an annual pass will soon receive the annual customer survey sent to the e-mail address that you provided when you registered. Your opinion is important and the results from the customer survey are the basis for the continued development of Styr & Ställ. We look forward to your response!


Caution bike theft

We would like to raise some awarness that it is really important to make sure that the lock is properly closed when returning the bike.We received some reports from our customers that they have been approached by potential thefts. They were told to return the bike and leave the lock open, so the bike could get stolen afterwards. Please make sure that a bike is locked properly, so that the next person can enjoy the ride as you did. Thank you and always ride safe.