Customer survey – get the results!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the customer survey that was sent out to everyone with an annual subscription earlier this autumn. We will now review the results to see how we can make Styr & Ställ even better.  Click here to see the results of the customer survey. Please note that the result is only available in Swedish.


Now available in Backa!

From May, Styr & Ställ will be expanded to Backa. Initially, there will be stations at Körkarlens gata, Selma Lagerlöfs torg and Backa Kyrkogata. Later in the spring/summer, a number of additional stations will be added in the area. You can see all available stations in the app. The expansion of Styr & Ställ to Backa is part of an ongoing assignment by the City of Gothenburg to increase cycling in the area. The stations in Backa will be in place until the autumn of 2023.


Cycle for SEK 1 per day!

Yes that’s right! For less than SEK 1 per day you get fresh air and moderate exercise whenever you want. The first 60 minutes of each ride are included in the subscription. If you want to ride further it costs SEK 10 per half hour. So seize the day and buy an annual pass now! It’s time for Styr & Ställ!


Get updated about your subscription

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