Big news for the upcoming semester!

Big news for the upcoming semester! Students now get a 25 percent discount on annual memberships at Styr & Ställ! With the discount, students only pay 225 SEK for an annual membership. Visit Mecenat to take advantage of the offer.  Welcome the autumn semester together with Styr & Ställ!  Need help? Contact us: styrochstall@nextbike.com.


Welcome to Styr & Ställ!

How do I register? How do I buy an annual subscription or a single ticket? Can I book a bike in advance? Here’s the answers to all your questions to get you started.  Register To be able to buy a subscription or ticket, you need to register and add a payment method. To enter this information, go to Customer Data and Payment Method under Account Settings in the app. You can also register on the website. Prices Single ticket, monthly or annual subscription? See prices here.  B...


Summer stations

Styr & Ställ's summer stations are available from June 1st! You can find the summer stations at:  Göteborg Askimsbadet  Delsjöbadet  Frölunda torg  Hinsholmen  Härlanda tjärn  Långedrag  Saltholmen  Mölndal Gunnebo slott  Sisjöns badplats  Stensjöns badplats  The stations will be available between June 1st and August 31st.


The free travel time increases from 30 to 60 minutes

Good news for all monthly and annual card holders: On April 7 we increased the free minutes per rental. Now the first 60 instead of the so far 30 minutes of each newly started journey are included. This applies to both new customers and customers who have already purchased an annual or monthly card. Welcome spring with Styr & Ställ!


Station changes

In March, there will be changes at a number of Styr & Ställ stations: Station Frihamnen has been moved from Magasin D to the bus stop location at Frihamnsmotet. The station at Centralen långtidsparkering will be closed in week 10 due to construction work. A new placement is coming soon. The station at Vasagatan / Schillerska will be closed down completely for about 5 weeks from mid-March while the work of planting new trees in the avenue is ongoing. The station at Lindholmsallén / Regnbågsgatan...


Styr & Ställ is finally here!

Hello to all cyclists. We are finally LIVE. We have now launched Styr & Ställ for real. Round about 40 new stations and 750 bikes are now available in Gothenburg and Mölndal. The system will then be gradually expanded during the summer until all 130 stations and 1750 bicycles are in place.


Styr & Ställ will be launched on June 10th

Initially the system will consist of around 40 stations and 1000 bicycles. The bike sharing system will then gradually be expanded until all of the 135 stations and 1750 bicycles are in place.”