Data Privacy Policy

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. These Data Protection Guidelines provide you with detailed information on the processing of your data and on your legal rights in this respect. Terms such as “personal data” or “processing” are used here in the sense of the legal definitions under Art. 4 GDPR. We reserve the right to adjust our Data Protection Policy with effect for the future, in particular in the event that our websites are further developed, that we use new technologies, or that the legal basis or corresponding legal practice is amended. We recommend that you read through the Data Protection Policy from time to time and make a copy or print-out for your records.

Find the following documents for download here:

Privacy Policy for website use
Dataskyddsinformation nextbike GmbH (Svenska)  |  Data Protection Information nextbike GmbH (English)

Data protection leaflet for all services of nextbike GmbH
Broschyr för dataskydd för kunder hos nextbike GmbH (Svenska)  |  Data protection leaflet (English)
List of procedures

Lista över procedurer (Svenska)   |  List of procedures (English)

Personal data processing by the Traffic and Public Transport Authority of the City of Gothenburg